Murray Adaskin(1906–2002)

1906-03-2803/28/1906 in Toronto, Canada
2002-05-0605/06/2002 in Victoria, Canada
Murray Adaskin
From 1952 to 1966, Murray Adaskin headed the music faculty at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada.

Konrad Ewald

«Many, many years ago» Murray Adaskin's little niece and her cat visited him. When the kitten didn't return home one night, «uncle Murray» went with his niece into the night calling: Finki,
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Sonatina Baroque, for Viola Vocalise No. 1, for Viola Vocalise No. 2, for Viola Finki, where are you?, for 2 Violas  Duo for Viola and Piano Duo for Viola and Guitar 1st Concerto, for Viola and Orchestra 2nd Concerto, for Viola and Orchestra

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Murray Adaskin (1929)Murray Adaskin (1929)
Photo: Gemeinfrei