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Anabel Avendaño - When diving into the world of music, one often encounters a combination of rewarding and challenging experiences. The journey can be entangled, occasionally feeling confusing or even solitary, the journey that can be deeply satisfying but challenging to navigate alone. Yet, some of the most motivating moments arise during study times, achieving personal goals, being able to play a piece, connecting with fellow students or learners who share the love for skill development, engaging in discussions about new ideas, sharing findings, and exploring fresh techniques fosters a sense of camaraderie. Observing each other's performances and drawing inspiration from the creativity, struggles, and determination of fellow musicians adds a profound dimension to musical education.

However, not everyone belongs permanently to a school or a music community that serves as a support system. From this contemplation born the idea of digitally emulating a community which is an enriching environment, a platform bringing together violists from around the world to share advice, exchange ideas, and build a conscious community fostering mutual support and growth. Many musicians, expressing the desire to share their music on social media for example have found the prospect of starting quite intimidating. The Viola Community aims to encourage fellow violists to express their artistry, share their progress in a small community and exchange ideas fearlessly. Beyond serving as a practice space, it provides a platform to pose questions, discuss relevant topics, seek advice, initiate projects, set goals, find projects, and collaborate on creative endeavors.

This exciting project is launching with the generous support of music4viola and the collaborative efforts of two passionate viola students: Viola Koopman and Anabel Avendaño.


About Viola Koopman: 

Viola Koopman
«Hey, I am Viola, and I am 23 years old. I am from the Netherlands, and I am almost finished with my bachelor's in viola. 

My musical adventure started with the violin at the age of six. When I turned sixteen, I switched to the viola first in a small youth orchestra but I realized soon that this was a great fit for me and I fell in love with the rich and dark tones of this beautiful instrument.

At eighteen I had completely switched to viola and I wanted to go to the conservatory so I spent a year preparing with Marco van Pagee, eventually getting a spot at Codarts in Rotterdam where I study with Karin Dolman. Now, I am almost finished with my bachelor’s degree, and I can’t wait to start a new chapter.

Karin Dolman has been a guiding force, shaping my musical path. In my third year, I decided that I wanted to go to Vienna on an Erasmus exchange. I studied for one semester at the MDW with Sebastian Herberg. It was a wonderful experience, and I am incredibly grateful. 

Chamber music has been a real love of mine. Forming a quartet two years ago opened up new dimensions. Lessons from professors like Marc Danel and Luck Marie have added layers to our musicality.

As I approach the end of my bachelor's, it's been a journey filled with learning, mentorship, and a commitment to bring music to this world.»

About Anabel Avendaño:

Anabel Avendaño
«I am Anabel Avendaño a 25 Violist from Venezuela who grew up musically in a program called “El Sistema” which is known for giving kids the opportunity to get to know music and play in orchestras from a young age. 

Music has always been a moving force for me, and that is why I decided to embark on my  journey abroad to have a broader understanding of music and the possibilities that there were, to learn from other musicians and cultures! I love the instrument I play and I am still interested in how to make it sound better every day and how to find tools and understanding to express myself better through music. 


I am also very into chamber music and creative projects that also challenge my points of view about life in general, I like to think about my role as a musician in modern society and all the creative possibilities that we have to put on the table, but first I try to become the best musician I can in other to be free to make music!


 I am currently studying for my master's Degree at the HEMU Sion, Switzerland. I am having a great time learning from my professor Tatjana Masurenko who is a big source of inspiration and musical guide and I am also very grateful to all my teachers in the past like Roman Spitzer when I did my bachelor's degree in Codarts, Rotterdam. I am excited to be part of a community that loves music and viola and is willing to help and learn from each other.»


To stay connected and keep the community thriving, the Viola Community has set up an Instagram account @music4viola, where videos, curiosities, and updates will be shared. Additionally, readers are invited to join the discussion in our WhatsApp group “Viola Lab” where Viola and I are sharing daily practice and musical projects, the idea is to keep track of our study progress and keep an ongoing conversation on music! 


DM us at @music4viola or write to: if you want to be part of the viola community Let's cultivate music together in the Viola Community – a space where passion, progress, and creativity unite violists from any corner of the world. 




New Print

Eric Mayr (*1962)

for Viola and Piano

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Erwin Jacobs (*1936)

A musical flower meadow
10 Duette for 2 Violas

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Eric Mayr (*1962)

Herb Garden
17 easy pieces with improvisation  for viola and piano

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Mario Korunic (*1964)

Magic Carpet Concerto
for solo Viola and String Orchestra

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