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The Economy of Human Rights
Is There a Human Right for Music?

Music is a fundamental pillar of humanity. Nonetheless, its value in society and politics remains contested.
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Aspects of instrumental teaching
Corona Favours new Teaching Method

Before the Corona pandemic, remote teaching wasn’t really a thing. Now many teachers want to hold on to it.
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Interview with Michael A. Palumbo
The American Viola Society

The American Viola Research Society was founded in 1971 by Myron Rosenblum. As a nonprofit organization, today's AVS has a lot of initiatives that are constantly evolving.
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Ernest Hiltenbrand, composer
Double Talent in Classical Tradition

Ernest Hiltenbrand started, thanks to an arts-inspired household, to draw and paint with watercolors and at the same time play music at an early age. Following his music studies, he received his orchestral placement at the symphonic orchestra of Quito, in South American Ecuador.
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Dr. Konrad Ewald
Keeper of a Viola Treasure

The literature described in his epochal viola guide «Music for Viola» has all been played, described on index cards and archived by Konrad Ewald himself. Most of it is, or was, in his possession and is neatly arranged and filed.
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The rich repertoire of Viola from Aaltonen to Zytowitsch.

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Austin Boothroyd

27 Classic Christmas

arranged for violin
and viola
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arranged for 2 violas
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Roger Benedict

Scale up!

A new scale method
for viola
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Viola-Music by Underrepresented Composers

Compiled in only a few months time by a couple of volunteers of the American Viola Society: «Viola Music by Underrepresented Composers»:


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